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3 Reasons Why Banking Companies Needs High Security Hosting

Why is High Security Hosting So Important for Banking Companies? There are several reasons why, according to recent Gartner research. These reasons are listed below. First, the financial industry is moving away from self-managed IT systems to hosted solutions. Hosted solutions offer dynamic response to business conditions without adding additional infrastructure investment and free up IT resources for other purposes. Second, hosted solutions can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Third, high security hosting can protect customers data. One of the top PBN hosting providers is Priority Prospect. They provide IP addresses from all over the world and have superb customer service. Besides the exceptional global IP network, Priority Prospect also offers premium hosting services to their customers! Premium hosting means your websites will be hosted in state of the art servers, in top datacenters and use the highest quality network infrastructure. But what does it mean in terms of security?

Secure infrastructure means servers and databases that are encrypted and protected against unauthorized access. In the case of core banking systems, this data is encrypted. Important data is also masked during testing. Additionally, banks provide special equipment to employees that prevents them from accessing social media, emailing personal details, and using USB ports. Furthermore, when employees are using public Wi-Fi, they can only access the banking network through a VPN, which protects data from unauthorized access.

Dedicated servers offer higher security. Dedicated hosting ensures consistency, reliability, and flexibility. While shared hosting is sufficient for mid-size financial institutions with limited budget and manpower, dedicated hosting is best for growing financial organizations. However, dedicated servers come with a high price tag. Dedicated web hosting is highly recommended for banks with very sensitive data. These companies should choose high security hosting because it offers more security.

Cloud computing has many benefits for banking institutions. Unlike traditional on-premise networks, cloud infrastructure is cheaper to operate, so banks can save on operational costs. In addition to reducing costs, banks can also enjoy the convenience of electronic bill paying and credit card processing. Additionally, cloud vendors can help eliminate online frauds by allowing consumers to pay utility bills through the Internet. These advantages are enough to make cloud computing an excellent choice for many banks.